Golden Virginia – The Best E-Liquid Ever

Golden Virginia probably reminds you of traditional roll-your-own tobacco pouches, as it does with me, but I had to kick that smoking habit a couple of years back when my health took a turn for the worst.

Since then I have purchased my first ever electronic cigarette and started regularly vaping with my e cigarette starter kit which is a lot less harmful than smoking normal golden virginia tobacco roll-your-own cigarettes, although not as much fun. I used to really enjoy the rolling process – weird, huh?

What is Golden Virginia?

Golden Virginia, for those who don’t know, is traditionally a roll-your-own tobacco that comes in pouches and small tobacco blocks – it has a very beautiful, smooth and smoky taste when smoking or vaping and is a favourite around the world and especially here in the UK. It’s a best-seller.

It was often used in rollies and sometimes mixed with cannabis or other drugs for people who wanted a little more from their smoking habit. I don’t approve of that stuff, though.

Manufactured here in England by Imerial Tobacco, Golden Virginia is sold throughout Europe and is the best-selling tobacco here in the UK and many other countries around Europe. Apparently, there are huge differences between their Yellow and Green ranges with the latter being a smoother, factory-made blend of Golden Virginia tobacco. It was an obvious choice for them to move to the e-liquid market.

Golden Virginia E-Liquid

Golden Virginia e-liquid first arrived on the scene just a few years ago when electronic cigarettes first arrived on the market. The e-liquid is made by Hangsen out in China although I’m unsure of their relationship, if there is one, or if Hangsen are producing this liquid with Imperial Tobacco’s name illegally which would be pretty bad for them and only a matter of time before they get sued.

It’s safe so say that this liquid has been a big hit. Golden Virginia E Liquid has been huge among the vaping community with millions of sales annually being predicted by e cigarette companies online.

I usually purchase my Golden Virginia e-liquid from an online store called E-Liquid Life which is based in the heart of Liverpool City. Their bottles start at just £3.24 which is ridiculously low for a bottle of genuine Hangsen e-liquid. I prefer 20ml bottles at a strength of 30mg which is just right on my throat – not too harsh but very, very smooth and tasty. You can’t go wrong really!

Tips for Golden Virginia Smokers

If you’re currently stuck in the position I was stuck in a few years back, rolling tobacco cigarettes over and over throughout the day and continuously worrying about your health then you really need to take action today – kick that dirty habit to the curb by turning to electronic cigarettes – you will not regret it.

Don’t try to cut out the cigarettes completely without replacing them with something else because you’ll find that you’ll fail very quickly. Ease off them with e cigarettes. It worked for me, it’ll work for you too!

Close behind GV is menthol e-liquid which is also a big hit from Hangsen.

How SEO Can Help Businesses

Search Engines like Google are among the biggest driving forces behind the majority of traffic that hits all of the websites on the internet. Crazy to believe, but it’s true. Google are massive.

I once used an seo wirral company who consulted with me during and after the built of a joint online business website I did to provide electric chargers to smart-phone users. The SEO company provided their expertise and knowledge on an on-going basis which ultimately drove our team to success.

Here’s a few things an SEO agency will help with:

  • Clean-up of backlink profile
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Marketing / Strategy
  • Link Building
  • Increasing Search Visibility

SEO and Online Businesses

The SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, industry has been thriving for many years now although it has become a lot more difficult to achieve success within Google’s search results over the last couple of years since Google have been negating many linking methods that once worked very well.

Some of the more specific updates released by Google include their Panda and Penguin algorithm’s which specifically target black hat linking methods as well as low quality or thin content.

Don’t forget the Pigeon update. According to escort seo agency the Pigeon update rolled out first in the US and has since rolled out here in the UK as well as a couple of other countries. The Pigeon update is focussed on local search results and bringing traditional ranking signals to local results.


This is a common question that I hear from business owners. Which is better?

Ultimately, they’re both very useful marketing channels and can work better hand-in-hand that they will on their own. It’s been shown that organic traffic is of better quality, which means it leads to more convesions (sales and leads) than paid traffic does, but if you’re ranking well for a term then there’s no harm in further increasing your CTR (click-through-rate) from the SERPs by using PPC, too.

PPC, unlike SEO, can be turned on and off like a tap. That means that you could launch a campaign today and earn a ROI today if you had a great offer and a very granular campaign.

SEO, though, takes time. A lot of time. A proper, effective SEO campaign can take 3-6 months to see any progress and even longer to gain top positions that would lead to an increase in serious traffic and revenue for the business. It’s always worth this timely investment, though, of course.

Finding a Good SEO

If you do reach a point during your business venture when you decide that SEO would benefit your business then your first task is always to find a good, knowledgeable practitioner.

This process isn’t easy and can very easily leave you frustrated and feeling hopeless. Why? Simply because the industry is overcrowded and there are less good guys among sharks these days. It’s important to do a lot of research before signing a contract with any SEO agency or freelancer.

Some tips for finding a good SEO:

  • Do your research
  • Read reviews and testimonials
  • Check their own search engine rankings

Remember – don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t be afraid to challenge their prices in order to find out exactly what they’ll be doing for that monthly fee. That’s very, very important.

Hello world!

Oh look, that famous Hello World! post that you get in every fresh installation of WordPress.

I just thought I would leave this in here and have it as the benchmark, or starting point, for my new blog. My name is Jennifer, by the way, and this is my journey to a ticket to success in life and work.

I decided that this blog would be a good idea when one day I was searching for how to find success in both life and in work – and remember, the definition of success is different for all of us. My idea of success in life is a happy marriage with beautiful and healthy children, and my idea of success in work or my career is to launch my own business which is obviously easier said than done with little money to invest.

So please join me on my exciting journey! :)